Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What's Going on - and Why You Should Join My Patreon


Wishing everyone a warm and loving holiday!

Been a bit deliciously occupied with matters of the heart, and I just wanted to make a pitch to everyone as to why you should spend pennies a day to become a patron on my Patreon account:

1) As of this writing, there's FIVE HUNDRED EIGHTY FIVE pieces of artistic content.  (songs, poems, plays, essays, videos, and more)
2) ONE HUNDRED SIXTY SIX of these odes and nonsense are FREE!  Right now.  I'm serious.
Check out some playwriting, hear a song, enjoy some nonsense.
3) There's NINETY ONE essays (Patreon Diary Entries)  covering a raw, unfiltered look into my mental health, my artistic mind, my obsessions, my rivulets of hope. My small joys and the grateful love I've received this year.

Here are the topics:

3/18/15 – Making Art out of Hobo
3/25/15 – Showing Up
4/1/15 – Taking Time, Getting the Card
4/8/15 – A Diet of Expectation
4/15/15 – The Shakespeare Marathon
4/22/15 – What’s Next?
4/29/15 – Every Day’s a Gram of Failure
5/6/15 – Self-Care
5/13/15 - Art
5/20/15 – Self-Promotion
5/27/15 – The Unanswered Question
6/3/15 – Scratching Out Hobo Edits
6/10/15 – The Reading
6/17/15 – Prison of Self
6/24/15 – Dudes Writing Romantic Comedies
7/1/15 - Need
7/8/15 – The Tub
7/15/15 – Why Games Matter
7/29/15 – The Chest of Drawers
8/5/15 – August
8/12/15 – Hypnosis
8/19/15 –The Heat
8/26/15 - Lessons
9/2/15 – Where’s the Fire?
9/9/15 –Testing, Testing
9/16/15 –Dating
9/23/15 –Gambling
9/30/15 – The Absurd
10/7/15 – I Need Help
10/14/15 – Being Favored
10/21/15 – Hey, Remember the Time We Pretended We Ain’t Got No Arms So We Could Get Free Muffins?
10/28/15 – This Weathered Old Guitar, and a Homely Face to Tell My Tale
11/4/15 – Every Heart Got a Song to Sing
11/11/15 – 20 Answers
11/18/15 – If You Ain’t Scared, You’ve Got No Skin In the Game
11/25/15 – Waiting For the Other Shoe to Drop
12/2/15 –Doubling Down
12/9/15- Wiping Your Feet
12/16/15 – Re-Entry
12/23/15 – Todo Tiene Solucion, Menos la Muerte
12/30/15 – One of Three
1/6/16 - Nicknames
1/13/16 – Go To Hoboken, Go To the Temple
1/20/16 - Butterflies
1/27/16 – Muscle Memory
2/3/16 – Seasonal Affective Disorder
2/10/16 - Mood
2/17/16 –The Ouija Board
2/24/16 –Square One
3/2/16 – The Boomerang
3/9/16 - Immersion
3/16/16 – Well’s Dry
3/23/16 – Criterion Velocity
3/30/16 –Hold Music
4/6/16 – All You Need is the Cage
4/13/16 – Scissor Sisters
4/20/16 - Sometimes
4/27/16 – Changes
5/4/16 – Cattle Call
5/11/16 – A Mirror is Glass + Motion + Time
5/18/16 – Love-Apples
5/25/16 –Picture Puzzles
6/1/16 – Twenty Unasked Questions to Twenty Different People
6/8/16 – Finding a Mentor
6/15/16 – Making Room
6/22/16 – All it Takes is a Phone Call or Email
6/29/16 – Sin Eaters
7/6/16 – Guests in This Hotel
7/13/16 – A Song I Didn’t Write
7/20/16 – The Woman in the Blue Dress
7/27/16 – I Am a Pretty, Pretty Princess
8/3/16 – It’s Just Business
8/10/16 – Looking for Spiders
8/17/16 – Run in the Rain and Get Soaked Faster
8/24/16 – A Suspecting Model
9/7/16 - Body
9/14/16 – The Voice
9/21/16 – Reading For Fun
9/28/16 – Catalog
10/5/16 –Swallowing Fire
10/12/16 – The Chocolate Factory
10/19/16 – Ain’t No Pockets in a Board Overcoat
 10/26/16- The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round
11/2/16 – Typing Passwords in the Dark
11/9/16 –What Can Be Done?  Maybe That’s It.
11/16/16 – Pulling Out the Smoke Alarm
11/23/16 - Reclaimed
12/7/16 –Mani-Pedi
12/14/16 – Keep Your Head Up
12/21/16 – Completing the Circuit

12/28/16 - Honk

Give yourself a gift for the upcoming year and become a patron today!



Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New Poem - Hoodoo - and some housekeeping

(peeks at website)
(grabs a broom and sweeps up the cobwebs)


Been a busy time.    The Patreon site and my official website have been posting continuous updates on the past few months, creatively.

Here's some updates -

The Pirate Song - I recorded a high quality version and it's available to stream on this site or you may purchase it on Bandcamp!

A new poem - (again, new for non - Patreon folk)  At this point, you're a fool if you don't snatch up the chance to view over 500 pieces of creative content PENNIES a day. Do it now!


Where your

bottle trees?

You bring your


all the way

up this here parish

and it's like you're holding

a yard sale

for wickedness.

You got trees. Get them bottles.

String em up, face em east.

Sun'll burn those demons out like


What that?

Ain't no demons

in your lil camelback shack?


You're cute.

Lucky you -

I've got my book

'o spells:

We ain't gonna

pass by your sister's

'til we read together

some Psalm one-o-one.

Friday, August 12, 2016

New Poem - Wet Cement


Here's another poem based on a Patreon donor prompt.  There's hundreds of hours of weird, wonderful content on the site; all yours for pennies a day!  



The raw, inert 
poured into a bucket.

with common water.
(too little
and the end result

Hands steady.
We pour.   Somewhere,
A clock's heart throbs.

One day, two (maybe) -
And it's set.

Tending to the surface.
Smoothing out 
the anxious bubbles.

Imprinting our descendant's skin
which preserves for 
half a century, long after
we mere carpenters
surrender our trowels,
our gauge rakes, our 
artisan paddles.

Night.  A shift concluded.
We sleep.

That tabula rasa 
stares expectantly
at the moon, its godmother.

Lovers, vandals, the 
hulk of anonymous
starving for any 
lasting impression,
they too may leave
a mark; scratch out their 
initials, scar this
constructed child
with a careless 
tire print.

We prepare.
We cordon off.
We erect warnings.
We compound with quality materials.
We broker faith in our neighbors.
We fret.  Too many pock-marked
littered with selfish influence.

It's just concrete, you say.

We bow our heads,
casting concern upon 
the  trodden, rough-shod ground
while others amble, cock their chins,

eyes skyward.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

IT'S ALIVE - Jara's Brand-Spanking-New Website!


I've connected all the acting, music, Patreon, and writing (both here and on other forums) to my official site:  !  Give it a spin; let me know what you think...



Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Poem - Oneironaut


Here's a new poem (but super cool Patreon folk got to see it first - you should totally be one of them)


You.  You till
That fertile lie:
What you, sensate,
Clarify as your self-sure
Is binding. True. 

There are ghosts
Between the minute
Of your unswept floor.

The screen
To which you fixate
In hazy surrender
Is not static;
Rather, its canvas
Tears draft upon draft
In rapid succession
Yet the eye
Betrays witness.

The night is a malleable clay.

The day, likewise.

I have seen
Plastic drinking straws
Pierce the hide
Of a brutish white birch tree.

I have crept, silent and custodial, into my mother's dreams.
I straighten the dream-table.
I discard the dream-waste.
I launder the dream-garments.  Hang them to dry on the dream-patio.

In my own
Frequent confrontations
With the wizened
I act as script supervisor.

I challenge,
you've realized
This character,
My father,
Has expired. 

My skin
is not wire-shackled;

An airplane
Cannot guest
A serpent,
Three-headed, rapt
With hunger.

I rub my hands together.
Cradle the dream-beasts.
Mash their form into
A microphone
Or a talk show
Or a bookstore
Or a soundstage
Or a theatre.

I do not accept their false face.

I craft another,

Shadow following shadow.